PMID: 25673514
Title: Building the Human Vaccines Project strategic management recommendations and summary report of the 15 16 July 2014 business workshop
Abstract: The Human Vaccines Project is a bold new initiative, with the goal of solving the principal scientific problem impeding vaccine development for infectious diseases and cancers: the generation of specific, broad, potent and durable immune responses in humans. In the July 2014 workshop, 20 leaders from the public and private sectors came together to give input on strategic business issues for the creation of the Human Vaccines Project. Participants recommended the Project to be established as a nonprofit public-private partnership, structured as a global R&D consortium closely engaged with industrial partners, and located/affiliated with one or more major academic centers conducting vaccine R&D. If successful, participants concluded that the Project could greatly accelerate the development of new and improved vaccines, with the potential to transform disease prevention in the 21st century.
Date: 1970-08-22
Year: 2015
Journal: Expert Rev Vaccines
PMID Author: Schenkelberg T, Kieny MP, Bianco AE, Koff WC

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