PMID: 24069230
Title: A randomised placebo controlled first in human study of a novel clade C therapeutic peptide vaccine administered ex vivo to autologous white blood cells in HIV infected individuals
Abstract: Preclinical studies of overlapping 15mer peptides, spanning SIV, SHIV or HIV, pulsed on autologous PBMC ex vivo have demonstrated high level, virus-specific T cell responses and viral suppression in non-human primates (NHP). Opal-HIV-Gag(c) consists of 120 synthetic 15mer peptides spanning Clade C, consensus Gag, manufactured to current good manufacturing practice; having been evaluated in a good laboratory practice toxicology study in Macaca mulatta. We evaluated the safety and preliminary immunogenicity of such peptides administered intravenously after short-duration ex vivo incubation, to HIV-positive adults on suppressive antiretroviral therapy.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2014
Journal: PLoS ONE
PMID Author: Jackson A, Kløverpris HN, Boffito M, Handley A, Atkins M, Hayes P, Gilmour J, Riddel L, Chen F, Bailey-Tippets M, Walker B, Ackland J, Sullivan M, Goulder P
PMC Link #: PMC3775760

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