training-2--16-cropped-webSince its founding in 1996, IAVI has evolved from an advocacy organization primarily focused on making AIDS vaccine development a priority on the global public health agenda to become a full-scale research, advocacy and policy organization, capable of contributing to every phase of AIDS vaccine development. Learn more about our history 

IAVI’s leaders have played a key role in guiding that evolution, including the formulation of its 2011-2015 strategic planLearn more about IAVI

IAVI’s Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic guidance and exercising oversight of the organization. Advisory committees also provide the Board and senior leadership strategic direction on IAVI’s programs. Learn more about IAVI’s governance

Senior Leadership
IAVI’s senior leaders—responsible for day-to-day operations and for executing the overall organizational strategy—are a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a range of areas, including vaccine research and global health policy and advocacy. Learn more about IAVI’s senior leaders