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Clinical Research Centers

Sokomoto/Frederic Courbet/IAVI

IAVI recognized early on that to develop effective AIDS vaccines for use throughout the world, it would be essential to build partnerships and bolster capacity to conduct vaccine trials at the highest technical and ethical standards in developing countries, where the need for a vaccine is greatest.

Today, a network of independent but interconnected research centers in five sub-Saharan African countries (Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia) play a central role in IAVI's vaccine development program, testing HIV vaccine candidates and conducting epidemiological studies that inform the design of candidates and provide baseline information for future efficacy trials. To date, IAVI and its network of partners have:

Translated groundbreaking technologies into 26 HIV prevention candidates, of which 15 have been tested in 27 early-stage human trials, including the first HIV vaccine trials conducted in Kenya, India, Germany, Zambia and Rwanda

Conducted 15 observational epidemiological studies

Provided voluntary testing and counseling to more than 235,000 individuals in Africa

This partnership-based approach emphasizes building capacity by training local researchers and developing the infrastructure required for all such research. Investigators within this network are linked to scientific consortia—such as the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology and the Neutralizing Antibody Consortium—and collaborate closely with IAVI researchers.

To learn more about the clinical trials and epidemiological studies conducted at these clinical research centers, visit the IAVI Studies Database.


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