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South African National AIDS Council Biennial Women's HIV Prevention Summit

2 - 3 September 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa

2013 marks the third Biennial Women’s HIV Prevention Summit hosted by the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC).  This national collaborative summit brings together members of the women’s sector to provide a platform for information sharing among stakeholders and a forum for capacity building between researchers, policymakers and community members to strengthen evidence-based, women-centered prevention strategies and advocacy responses in South Africa.

Prioritizing prevention for women seeks to establish, advocate for and advance the development of a range of prevention options while also addressing the unique health challenges encountered by women. There is an urgent need to create and strengthen platforms for women’s voices and experiences, and to incorporate the views and experiences of women drivers into the design and implementation of preventive technologies and interventions.

Through Summit discussions, organizers hope to

1.    Provide a platform for women, HIV organizations, key stakeholders and policy makers to articulate and review the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for HIV, whilst highlighting how structural drivers of HIV have been addressed.
2.    Provide an update on the status of current and future research, technologies, policies and programs that are focused on HIV prevention among women.
3.    Share case studies, best practices and experiential learnings regarding prevention tools and strategies.
4.    Invigorate women-centered prevention advocacy to develop unified messages and action plans that all participants and stakeholders can implement by 2015.

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For real-time updates from the Summit, follow IAVI's live tweets via @AIDSVaccine and #YoungWomenMatter.