AIDS Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory

CRP 042611 1050-webCharlotte Raymond/IAVIIAVI established the AIDS Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory (Design Lab), in 2008 at the bioscience center at the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal in New York. It plays a central role in managing and coordinating the applied research for vaccine design conducted by IAVI’s global network of partners. The Design Lab also provides support in translational research: the conversion of promising vaccine concepts into well-characterized HIV vaccine candidates. The laboratory maximizes the productivity of IAVI’s vaccine research and development programs and those of IAVI partners.

The Design Lab’s activities are aligned with IAVI’s overall strategic plan and priorities. Importantly, the laboratory is conducting research in close collaboration with Neutralizing Antibody Consortium (NAC) researchers and other colleagues focused on identifying vaccines that elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies. These efforts include the design of novel immunogens, in vivo testing of vaccine concepts and the development of sophisticated assays that measure the specificity of antibody responses. 

In addition, the Design Lab leads IAVI’s efforts in the generation of new replicating vectors for the elicitation of both cellular and antibody-mediated immunity. This includes supporting multiple partners with reagents and expert advice, as well as the design and evaluation of novel replicating vector strategies supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Collaboration for Aids Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation