IAVI collaborates with a network of partners throughout Africa to conduct a robust program of research and development, research preparedness, and advocacy and policy work. The organization has longstanding partnerships with scientific research institutions in Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia, as well as Kenya and South Africa, where it has regional offices.

Research & Development
The Africa program provides oversight, management and support to the IAVI-sponsored clinical trial network, laboratory network and clinical research portfolio in Africa. The R&D team works with its partners to ensure that services provided to volunteers at clinical research centers are of the highest quality and that all research and related processes are conducted to the highest quality and ethical standards. The team also provides advice on IAVI’s clinical research portfolio

Research Preparedness
IAVI takes a comprehensive, partnership-based approach to supporting the clinical research centers, communities and countries involved in AIDS vaccine R&D in Africa. It places a special emphasis on ensuring that the research has strong community support and understanding, that countries adopt policies supportive of AIDS vaccine development and that the ground is prepared for the swift deployment and widespread use of future AIDS vaccines. The research preparedness program focuses on strengthening research facilities, gathering socio-behavioral data about volunteer populations and communities, and engaging and educating communities and other stakeholders.

Policy & Advocacy
This program promotes understanding of AIDS vaccine research and development, with a special focus on donors, policymakers and political leaders, stressing its importance to the AIDS, global health and development agendas. IAVI works to ensure a strong enabling environment for HIV vaccine and prevention R&D in countries where we work. The organization also incorporates and amplifies voices of the global South in such efforts and advocates for the formulation of national, regional and global policies that support widespread access to future HIV vaccines.