Advocacy Partnerships

000010 22-cropped-2-webFrederic Courbet/IAVISince its launch in 1996, IAVI has cultivated many close relationships with advocates and policymakers in the countries that have been hit hardest by the HIV pandemic. At the global level, it has similarly forged close ties with political leaders, donors, civil society organizations and other key stakeholders. IAVI also works with organizations and individuals across the global heath, development and human rights fields in its advocacy and policy initiatives. 

IAVI and its partners prioritize advocacy that keeps interventions to end the AIDS pandemic at the top of the international agenda, and collaborates closely with organizations that advocate for comprehensive access to AIDS prevention, treatment and care. IAVI believes that without an HIV vaccine, the fight against AIDS cannot be won. A comprehensive approach to the pandemic that scales up all currently available interventions and includes the delivery of new prevention technologies as they become available will ultimately bring an end to the AIDS pandemic. 

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