Ensuring Access

MKM 4468-webSokomoto/IAVIIAVI is committed to ensuring that when HIV vaccines become available, they will be accessible and affordable to people in developing countries. The organization typically requires its partners in research and development to agree to a framework for affordability and availability that will ensure global access to future HIV vaccines.

In addition to ensuring that any such vaccine is reasonably priced, IAVI and its partners also seek to ensure that any vaccine developed with their collaboration will be swiftly registered, manufactured and distributed in developing countries. IAVI has established several product development partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and research centers to design and develop AIDS vaccines. In such partnerships, its approach to intellectual property emphasizes retention of the right to develop technologies that seem promising for HIV vaccine development, protecting the IP rights of partners and ensuring that all who obtain licenses for technology developed with IAVI’s support agree to permit its application to the development of safe and effective HIV vaccines.

IAVI also works with partners around the world to advocate for policies and programs to ensure future access to HIV vaccines and all other tools and technologies for HIV prevention, treatment and care. Finally, by supporting the development of vaccines in countries hardest hit by HIV, IAVI ensures that such candidates are suited to their populations and conditions, and helps prepare those nations for the future adoption and deployment of AIDS vaccines.