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Database of Preventative HIV Vaccine Candidates

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Phase Trial ID Status Prime Boost1 Boost2 Boost3 Strategy Location
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I HVTN 111 Ongoing DNA-HIV-PT123 Protein/MF59 vaccine DNA, Protein Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa
I/II HVTN 120 Ongoing ALVAC-HIV (vCP2438) gp120 Viral Vector - Pox, Protein South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia
II IAVI A002 Completed tgAAC09 Viral Vector - Adeno-associated Virus South Africa, Uganda, Zambia
I IAVI B002 Completed Adjuvanted GSK investigational HIV vaccine formulation 1 Adjuvanted GSK investigational HIV vaccine formulation 2 Ad35-GRIN Protein, Protein, Viral Vector - Adeno Kenya, Uganda, Zambia
II IAVI V002 Withdrawn VRC-HIVDNA016-00-VP VRC-HIVADV014-00-VP DNA, Viral Vector - Adeno Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia