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IAVI in the News - 2018


Did Science Miss Its Best Shot at an AIDS Vaccine?
For 35 years, researchers have been trying to beat the virus that causes AIDS. For just as long, Burt Dorman has been saying he has a faster way -- Dr. Mark Feinberg quoted
WIRED -- USA -- 1 June



Research during Ebola vaccine trial: It’s complicated
Democratic Republic of the Congo outbreak raises tricky questions about sampling blood from study volunteers -- Dr. Mark Feinberg quoted
Science -- USA -- 25 May


Outbreak-focused vaccine coalition earmarks $54.9M for HIV group's Lassa fever effort
IAVI and CEPI form partnership to advance Lassa fever vaccine development -- Dr. Mark Feinberg quoted
FiercePharma -- USA -- 22 May


India-Netherlands-Sweden collaborative programme on HIV/AIDS research
IAVI joins first-of-its-kind program to address current unmet needs and emerging challenges in HIV/AIDS research.
ANI -- India -- 22 May


Why the world should keep the hope for an HIV vaccine
Ethel Makila, Associate Director, Advocacy Policy and Communications, shares highlights from a journalist education session on HIV vaccines hosted by IAVI and partners to commemorate HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.
Posterity Media -- Nigeria -- 21 May


Artists Are Using Theater to Raise Awareness About India's HIV Crisis
I am + : Dance Theater on HIV India, a partnership with IAVI, Delhi Dance Theater, PULSE musical ensemble, and I Am Positive India, uses movement to combat stigma on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.
VICE -- USA/India -- 21 May


PSF three decades strong in conducting vaccine research to eradicate HIV epidemic
Dr. Julien M. Nyombayire, a research physician and investigator at Projet San Francisco (PSF) in Rwanda, reflects on PSF's history and contributions to HIV vaccine research.
The New Times -- Rwanda -- 18 May


Africa Analysis: Capacity building in HIV vaccine R&D
Dr. Anatoli Kamali, Africa Regional Director for IAVI, discusses the importance of continued partnership toward building African scientific and leadership capacity in HIV vaccine R&D
SciDev.Net -- 18 May


The Rise of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies
AVAC Founder Bill Snow describes the state of research into broadly neutralizing antibodies and its implications for new prevention interventions and vaccine development.
AVAC -- 17 May


American Generosity Contributes to Global Impact: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2018
Margaret McCluskey, senior technical advisor for HIV Vaccine Research in the USAID Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA), discusses the American government’s central role in HIV vaccine research and development globally, including scientific capacity building in Africa in partnership with IAVI.
USAID blog -- 16 May


Experts call for Africa suited vaccines to boost war on AIDS
Dr. Anatoli Kamali and Dr. Marianne Mureithi on the critical need for a vaccine and global collaboration toward improved HIV prevention
Business Daily -- Kenya --15 May


Take as Directed: Pursuing a Vaccine for HIVpodcast icon
Dr. Mark Feinberg discusses the landscape of HIV vaccine development and IAVI's role in facilitating HIV vaccine development.
CSIS Global Health Policy Center -- USA -- 3 May

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