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IAVI in the News - 2016


Rajat Goyal: An AIDS vaccine “could help women to independently protect themselves and their children from HIV infection and strengthen their power over their lives.” (Express Pharma)


A vaccine is our best shot to combat AIDS: Dr Rajat Goyal (ET Healthworld)

Rajat Goyal: “India is determined to play a pivotal role in the discovery and development of an HIV vaccine.” (Hindustan Times)

Wayne C. Koff describes recent progress in vaccine design and clinical trial results that are fueling efforts to develop an AIDS vaccine (Current Opinions in Biotechnology)


IAVI CEO Mark Feinberg, Tony Fauci and other global health experts discuss how emerging disease threats have spurred scientific innovation (Financial Times)

IAVI Founder Seth Berkley makes a strong case for continued innovation and investment in vaccine R&D as an essential component of pandemic preparedness (Der Tagesspiegel)


Scientists from TSRI, IAVIand the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology finds that the right precursor cells for one kind of HIV broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb) are present in most people and are working on a preventive vaccine that will induce such bNAbs (Science,

Scientists from TSRI publish a high-resolution image of the natural or “native” HIV-1 envelope protein, including the binding site of bNAb PGT151 (Science, TSRI)

IAVI and partners held an intercollegiate elocution contest in India to create awareness about HIV/AIDS vaccines (The Hindu)

NIH Director Francis Collins discusses new scientific findings that lay the groundwork for an upcoming AIDS vaccine clinical trial using an engineered HIV vaccine protein call the “eOD-GT8 60mer.” (NIH Director's Blog)


Bimal Chakrabarti and Shreyasi Chatterjee discuss their commitment to a vaccine and to India's "reverse brain drain" trend (India Currents)

Tom Harmon on why a vaccine is essential to conclusively end HIV/AIDS: New modeling data catalyzes conversations around the end of HIV/AIDS and a vaccine’s role in getting there (GHTC Breakthroughs)

Modeling does the math to add up impacts of HIV answers in the works (Science Speaks)


IAVI, AVAC and Avenir Health publish a modeling study which shows that adding a vaccine to the comprehensive HIV/AIDS response is essential to conclusively ending the epidemic (GHTC blog)