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IAVI in the News - 2015

December 2015

  • IAVI CEO Mark Feinberg: "We must always be better than the natural immune response if we want to develop a vaccine.” Feinberg and fellow HIV experts Hendrik Streeck, head of the HIV Research Institute at Essen University Hospital; Nelson Michael, Director of the US Military Research Program (MHRP); and Merlin Robb, head of clinical research at MHRP, discuss advancements and challenges in the HIV vaccine research field. Click here to read the article on FAS Germany and here to read an English translation.
  • To mark World AIDS Day 2015, The Huffington Post Germany featured posts by Minh-Khai Phan-Thi (actress, moderator and supporter of ONE Germany); DSW CEO Renate Bähr; IAVI’s Kundai Chinyenze; former German development minister Heidemarie Wieczoreck-Zeul; AIDS researcher Hendrik Streeck; artist Katharine Dowson, and actress Diane Kruger, discussing HIV/AIDS from very varied angles but all focused on the developing countries that bear the worst of the epidemic. Click here to read Kundai Chinyenze’s post on HuffPo Germany and here to read an English translation.

September 2015

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awards Scripps scientists in Florida, headed by Dr. Michael Farzan, nearly $6 million to develop an HIV/AIDS prevention approach based on a synthetic antiviral protein; the Vaccine Product Development Center at IAVI will support in taking it through to clinical assessment (BuzzFeed News)

July 2015

  • Daniel Ochiel, IAVI Director of African Laboratory Programs, urges prioritization of African health research entrepreneurialism as President Obama heads to Kenya (The Hill)

June 2015

  • Wayne Koff, IAVI Chief Scientific Officer, and other experts explore a new wave of antibody-based approaches that aim to combat HIV (Nature Medicine)
  • IAVI Director of Vaccine Design Bill Schief and IAVI Chief Scientific Officer Wayne Koff discuss new findings around reverse-engineering the way immune cells make bNAbs. (BuzzFeed News
  • IAVI's Kundai Chinyenze: "My dream is that before I die, we will have developed an HIV vaccine." (Daily Nation)

May 2015

  • IAVI's Kundai Chinyenze and KAVI's Omu Anzala discuss their continued hope for finding an HIV vaccine despite the virus's challenging nature. (Capital News)
  • IAVI’s Wayne Koff authors a feature article, “Defeating the Virus,” discussing recent discoveries spurring a renaissance in HIV vaccine research and development. (The Scientist)

April 2015

  • An IAVI-led team of scientists defines additional way to generate trimers from the major HIV subtypes. (release; Cell Reports)
  • THSTI-IAVI scientists in India identified a cleavage competent clade C HIV-1 Env, 4-2.J41 from the plasma of an HIV-infected individual, with implications for HIV-1 vaccine research. (PLOS)
  • IAVI’s Wayne Koff points to “renaissance period” in AIDS vaccine research. (Livemint)
  • GSK's recent grant to IAVI will help lay groundwork for a Human Vaccines Project research program. (Inside Philanthropy)

March 2015

  • Data from a study partly funded by IAVI have relevance for vaccine strategies designed to elicit effective CD8+ T cell immune responses. (PLOSOne)
  • International Women’s Day & HIV/AIDS: IAVI CEO Margie McGlynn salutes women working toward a vaccine. (Huffington Post India).

February 2015

  • IAVI’s Wayne Koff cites “incredible progress” in recent months toward a safe HIV vaccine. (Times of India)
  • IAVI announced GSK funding for the Human Vaccines Project (IAVI announcement; The Economist)
  • A modeling study suggests sequentially administering several different forms of a potential HIV vaccine could stimulate a stronger immune response than delivering a cocktail of variants all at once; research partly funded by IAVI through the Neutralizing Antibody Consortium. (Cell; SciTech Daily)
  • IAVI and partners report on Creating an African HIV Clinical Research and Prevention Trials Network: HIV Prevalence, Incidence and Transmission. (PLoS One

January 2015

  • The University of Rochester Medical Center announced testing of a new oral HIV vaccine in a study funded and designed by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, supported by a Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine - Discovery grant from BMGF. IAVI is helping to organize the study through its Vaccine Product Development Center. (URMC announcement, coverage by NBC News, Democrat & Chronicle)
  • The first batch of GlaxoSmithKline’s experimental Ebola vaccine was shipped to West Africa; GSK Global Vaccines chief Moncef Slaoui, said initial phase I data “are encouraging.” (Guardian)  Moncef Slaoui joined IAVI’s Board of Directors (IAVI  and Fierce Vaccines). IAVI Board member Helen Rees talked to The New York Times about an Ebola vaccine.
  • IAVI CSO Wayne Koff discussed the potential of a Human Vaccines Project in Nature.