Positive Signals in Indian Research on HIV Vaccine
Researchers in India continue to contribute to the fight against AIDS and the search for an HIV vaccine, as described by IAVI Chief Scientific Officer Wayne Koff and Bimal Chakrabarti, head of the research group at the HIV Vaccine Translational Research Laboratory in India.
The Hindu
December 2013

Is There a New AIDS Vaccine on its Way?
IAVI scientists describe the discovery of antibodies that can thwart the AIDS virus and that could lead to the development of a preventive HIV vaccine.
December 2013

Newly Discovered Antibodies Raise HIV Vaccine Hopes
Imagining a world without AIDS is a distinct possibility, so say researchers gathered by IAVI in New Delhi for a two-day scientific meeting.
The Indian Express
December 2013

Indian Researchers See Leads in Developing AIDS Vaccine
IAVI Chief Scientific Officer Wayne Koff, Country Director Rajat Goyal, and laboratory director Bimal Chakrabarti describe progress in India and around the world contributing to the promise of an AIDS vaccine for all.
Deccan Herald
December 2013

Still a Long Way to Go for HIV Vaccine
IAVI Country Director Rajat Goyal reports on efforts by IAVI and others to screen, identify and prioritize immunogens for AIDS vaccine candidates.
The Indian Express
December 2013

Eric Goosby, Norman Fowler Join IAVI Board ; Alex Godwin Coutinho Is IAVI Board Chair
POZ Magazine reports on Alex Coutinho's appointment as Chair of the IAVI Board, and on the Rt. Hon. the Lord Norman Fowler and Ambassador Eric Goosby joining the Board.
POZ Magazine
December 2013

IAVI Announces New Board Appointments
Dr. Alex Godwin Coutinho assumed the role of Chair of the IAVI Board of Directors, and U.S. Ambassador Eric Goosby and the Rt. Hon. the Lord Fowler have become new members of the Board.
Kaiser Family Foundation
December 2013

Carrying on the Work of Nelson Mandela
IAVI is noted as one of several international organizations working to combat HIV / AIDS in Africa, a cause of great concern for the late Nelson Mandela.
December 2013

Breakthrough Vaccines
IAVI Chief Science Officer Wayne Koff shares insights on the history of vaccinology and the potential for the Human Vaccines Project to advance research for many of the most troubling infectious diseases, including AIDS.
December 2013

"Hot" Papers Point to Key Research on HIV / AIDS
Christopher King of Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch describes IAVI's noteworthy inclusion in a recent ranking of the "hottest" HIV / AIDS research.
December 2013

Wayne Koff: Will New Approaches for AIDS Vaccine Design Lead Us Into a New Era for Vaccinology?
IAVI Chief Scientific Officer Wayne Koff discusses research progress towards an AIDS vaccine and the promise of new approaches for vaccine design.
December 2013

December 1 is World AIDS Day
IAVI and Idealist.org commemorate World AIDS Day with a reflection on progress and potential - especially for an AIDS vaccine - as we look back at a quarter-century of commemorations since the first World AIDS Day.
November 2013

Mercury Rising: Heavy Metal Legends Play Tribute to Queen on World AIDS Day
IAVI is pleased to be the beneficiary for a World AIDS Day tribute concert honoring the late Freddie Mercury of Queen, who died of AIDS-related causes in 1991.
November 2013

To End AIDS, We Need a Vaccine
Dr. Rajat Goyal, IAVI’s Country Director in India, discusses his country’s progress in fighting HIV/AIDS and explains how, “[w]ith dedication and perseverance, we can develop a vaccine, and make the end of AIDS a reality.”
English translation adapted from Huffington Post and ONE, both in German
November 2013

HIV/AIDS Research: What’s Hot Right Now?
ScienceWatch ranks IAVI as among the most prolific institutions generating exciting AIDS / HIV research updates from 2011-2013.
November 2013

HIV Vaccine Development, Combination Prevention, Antiretroviral Treatment Top Agenda as Briefing Eyes Progress Against 2.3 Million New Infections
Speaking at a U.S. congressional briefing co-organized by IAVI on funding for HIV prevention research, IAVI President and Chief Executive Officer Margie McGlynn contextualized the search for an AIDS vaccine and addressed promising paths for future success:  “Vaccines are transformative,” she remarked. “Think what the world would be like if a measles vaccine had never been developed, if a polio vaccine had never been developed” 
November 2013

Scientists Capture Most Detailed Picture Yet of Key AIDS Protein
With support from IAVI and others, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute share findings from the most detailed picture yet of the HIV Envelope protein.
October 2013

Preclinical Study Offers Hope for New Approach to Controlling HIV
Dennis Burton, professor and director of the Neutralizing Antibody Center at the Scripps Research Institute describes applications of monoclonal antibody research originally explored by IAVI and partners.
October 2013

Building Innovative PPPs to Fight Poverty-Related Diseases
DSW Executive Director Renate Baehr explains how public-private partnerships like IAVI can provide a range of opportunities to advance innovative global health research and development.
October 2013

Why Do We Do This Work?
Shane O’Halloran of Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung describes how product development partnerships like IAVI “have been changing the landscape…of solutions for HIV and other diseases.”
October 2013

Bring Back the Lost Girls
IAVI's Gwynn Stevens joins Salim S. Abdool Karim of the Medical Research Council in South Africa and Sheila Tlou of UNAIDS to urge South Africa to encourage young girls to remain in school and informed about HIV prevention.
Mail & Guardian (South Africa)
October 2013

How Close are We to an Effective HIV Vaccine?
IAVI CEO Margie McGlynn notes that an effective HIV vaccine with a significant level of efficacy could reduce HIV incidence by at least half.
October 2013

Surprise Success, Disappointments, Change All Part of Ongoing Quest at Last-of-its-Kind HIV Vaccine-Focused Conference
“I believe that Mother Nature tells us that a vaccine is possible,” says IAVI's Jill Gilmour, citing the initial suppression of the virus most infected patients’ immune systems accomplish on their own, and pointing to existing populations.
October 2013

Possible "Breakthrough" in Vaccine Research
Rod McCullom shares highlights from the 13th AIDS Vaccine conference held in Barcelona.
October 2013

AIDS Vaccine Conference Begins in Spain
AIDS Vaccine 2013 coverage highlights presentations by IAVI and its Ugandan partners, among other topics of interest.
October 2013

HIV Positive Women Decry High Transport and Hospital Costs
More than 1000 women living with HIV discussed issues impacting treatment at a workshop co-organized by IAVI, the International Community of Women Living with HIV Eastern Africa and the Uganda Virus Research Institute.
October 2013

Bound for Glory
Exploring the discovery and evolution of broadly neutralizing antibody research.
September 2013

OHSU AIDS Vaccine Candidate Appears to Completely Clear Virus from the Body
In research funded by grants from IAVI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others, an AIDS vaccine candidate developed by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University has shown promise in early clinical trials.
Infection Control Today
September 2013

AIDS Vaccine Conference On
Coverage of the AIDS Vaccine 2013 conference highlights a satellite symposium co-hosted by IAVI, AVAC and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
The Times of Zambia
September 2013

Brazil to Test New HIV Vaccine on Rhesus Monkeys
Reporting on an HIV vaccine clinical trial in Brazil, with commentary from IAVI CEO Margaret McGlynn
EDGE New York
August 2013

U.K. Awards $1.57 Million to IAVI Annually for Five Years
Reporting on funding for IAVI from the Government of the U.K.
August 2013

U.K. Invests £138m in PPPs to Tackle Disease
Reporting on funding for IAVI from the Government of the U.K.
Public Finance International
August 2013

U.K. Government Pledges Renewed Funding to Support IAVI
Reporting on funding for IAVI from the Government of the U.K.
AIDSMap Newsletter
August 2013

Kenya, Rwanda and UK in Joint HIV/AIDS Vaccine Trial
Reporting on an AIDS vaccine trial to be conducted in several locations worldwide
August 2013

Top 20 HIV/AIDS Charities
About.com names IAVI in top 20 charity listing.
August 2013

HIV Prevention R&D Funding in 2012: Is the End of the Epidemic at Risk?
Reporting on findings from the HIV Resource Tracking Working Group 2012 Report
The Lancet Global Health Blog
July 2013

IAVI Names Scientific Advisory Committee Chair
Reporting on Dr. Robin Weiss' appointment as Chair of IAVI's Scientific Advisory Committee
Scrip Intelligence News
July 2013

Robin Weiss Is Chair of IAVI Scientific Advisory Committee
Reporting on Dr. Robin Weiss' appointment as Chair of IAVI's Scientific Advisory Committee
POZ Magazine
July 2013

Dr. Robin Weiss Appointed Chair of IAVI’s Scientific Advisory Committee
Reporting on the appointment of Dr. Robin Weiss as Chair of IAVI's Scientific Advisory Committee
Vaccine News Daily
July 2013

Facing Sequestration, Senate Appropriates Funding for HIV
Reporting on funding challenges in the HIV / AIDS space
July 2013

Investment into HIV Prevention Research Could Speed Up Breakthroughs
Reporting on 2012 updates from the HIV Vaccines & Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group
Vaccine News Daily
July 2013

IAVI Praises Work of CDC and Partners on Antiretroviral HIV Study
Reporting on IAVI's support for the PReP trial in Thailand
Vaccine News Daily
July 2013

Profile: IAVI—Searching for the Achilles' Heel of HIV
Spotlight on Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL)
The Lancet
June 15, 2013

Scientists Call for Project to Develop Next-Generation Vaccines
Reporting on the "Human Vaccines Project" as addressed in Science by IAVI's Wayne Koff and others
June 3, 2013

After HVTN 505: What Now? A Q&A With Dr. Wayne C. Koff
Featuring IAVI CSO Wayne Koff
The Black AIDS Institute Newsletter
June 1, 2013

New Bid to Find HIV Vaccine Begins in London Hospital
Reporting on HIV vaccine research at IAVI's Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL)
BBC News
May 30, 2013

AIDS: Are we a step closer to an AIDS Vaccine?
Featuring Jill Gilmour, Head of the Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL)
Channel 4 News
May 30, 2013

Inspiration for the Journey to an HIV Vaccine 
Margaret McGlynn
USAIDS Impact Blog
May 17, 2013

Accelerating the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine: HIV vaccine case study for the Decade of Vaccines  
Co-authored by IAVI CSO Wayne Koff & CEO Margie McGlynn, IAVI et al.
Elsevier Vaccine supplement
April 18, 2013

HIV Vaccines – Novel approaches, funding, and clinical studies, summary of World Vaccine Congress session 
Featuring Dr. Rick King, VP Vaccine Design
April 22, 2013 

Commit Today to Investing in Women's Health 
Margaret McGlynn, IAVI, Renate Baehr, DSW and Zeda Rosenberg, IPM 
The Huffington Post, Impact Blog 
March 8, 2013