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IAVI In The News - 2012

Fresh Lead Emerges in AIDS-Vaccine Hunt
Betsy McKay
October 21, 2012
Wall Street Journal

An effective Aids vaccine is in sight at last, thanks to the efforts of African scientists
Pontiano Kaleebu and Omu Anzala
October 20, 2012
East African

HIV/AIDS: Breaking science “silos” to find a vaccine
October 19, 2012
IRIN PlusNews

HIV prevention: on the verge of transformation
Margaret McGlynn and William Snow
October 1, 2012
Science Speaks: HIV & TB News

Eradicating AIDS
Abby Huntsman
September 27, 2012
HuffPost Live (video)

India Launches a New Lab for HIV Research
Pallava Bagla
August 14, 2012
Science Insider

Centre for research on HIV vaccine set up
Vidya Krishnan
August 14, 2012
Mint (India)

A Global Partnership for Vaccine Design
Margaret McGlynn
August 13, 2012
USAID Impact Blog

Why The AIDS Vaccine Remains Elusive
Alex Philippidis
August 6, 2012
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN)

AIDS 2012: Lessons for R&D Advocates
Kim Lufkin
July 25, 2012

Scientists making progress on AIDS vaccine, but slowly
Liz Szabo
July 25, 2012
USA Today

A Vaccine to Help End the AIDS Pandemic
Margaret McGlynn
July 24, 2012
USAID Impact Blog

Scientists hunting for an AIDS vaccine may be getting close
Alyssa A. Botelho
July 23, 2012
Washington Post

Investing in the End of the Pandemic: A New Era for HIV Prevention Research & Development
Margaret McGlynn
July 23, 2012
Science Speaks: HIV & TB News

Scientists see AIDS vaccine within reach after decades
Julie Steenhuysen
July 15, 2012

A potential respite from AIDS
Aarti Dhar
May 20, 2012 
The Hindu

Modeling Potential Impact on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
Margaret McGlynn
May 18, 2012
USAID Impact Blog

Vaccine is the best hope against Aids
Michel Sidibe, Chidi Nweneka and Margaret McGlynn
May 18, 2012
Mail & Guaridan

Why the World Needs an AIDS Vaccine
Aaron Oxley
May 17, 2012
Huffington Post Impact Blog

The world needs an AIDS Vaccine!
Zita Gurmai
May 16, 2012
Zita's blog

Will we ever… have an HIV vaccine? 
Ed Yong
May 4, 2012
BBC Future 

New York global health community comes together to discuss innovative partnerships in R&D
Kim Lufkin
April 12, 2012

The big question: What vaccines will we invent in the next decade?
Madhumita Venkataramanan
April 5, 2012

Women at the Forefront of AIDS Vaccine Research
Gaudensia Nzembi Mutua 
March 8, 2012 Africa Blog