IAVI’s Goals
IAVI's mission is to ensure the development of safe, effective, accessible preventive HIV vaccines for use throughout the world. To that end, IAVI invests the bulk of its resources in the research, development and clinical assessment of candidate vaccines against subtypes of HIV that are prevalent in the developing world, where more than 95% of new HIV infections occur. For more, see What We Do.

Capacity to Make a Real Difference
IAVI is well positioned to rapidly move novel HIV vaccine candidates from the laboratory bench to clinical testing in the developing world. Our success comes in part from our end-to-end network of collaborating clinical research centers in Africa, in-house research laboratories and external academic, government and industry partners. Through our global policy and advocacy work, and with our network of partners in the field, IAVI works to mobilize a global effort to ensure that preventive AIDS vaccines are developed and delivered to all who need it. For more, see Progress.

Strategy for Success
The global search for a preventive AIDS vaccine poses enormous scientific and logistical challenges. To meet these challenges, IAVI integrates scientific and policy research, global advocacy and a unique, on-the-ground partnership-based approach called vaccine preparedness to help countries and communities involved in AIDS vaccine research and to generate support for such efforts.

IAVI will help advance the development of AIDS vaccines by:

  1. Adding value to the HIV vaccine field by identifying opportunities and gaps in vaccine discovery and development where IAVI capabilities can best be leveraged and add the most value
  2. Partnering to advance quality HIV vaccine candidates into clinical evaluation, shifting IAVI investment downstream over time
  3. Ensuring that investment in HIV prevention and AIDS vaccine R&D remain central to public policy and international health and development agendas by working in partnership with stakeholders and donors to ensure a strong voice for the field

Our guiding principles are leadership and collaboration, prioritization and focus, flexibility and speed, innovation, and global access to the fruits of IAVI’s endeavors. IAVI is also committed to fiscal discipline and to the transparent evaluation of our performance to ensure effectiveness and provide value for money.

Allocation of Revenue 
IAVI consistently demonstrates efficient management of resources, earning it Charity Navigator's three-star rating for good financial management, effectiveness and transparency. For more on IAVI’s financial information, see our financial data

2013 Expenses

Measuring Success
A safe, effective AIDS vaccine accessible to all is the ultimate indicator of success. This will take time, but there are key milestones to measure progress along the way. IAVI employs an industry-style approach to the evaluation of research and development progress at specific milestones to determine which programs will proceed and which will not. We also closely monitor the success of our efforts to build political and grass-roots support for AIDS vaccine development and promote government policies that foster innovation and increase investment in new biomedical tools for HIV prevention.

IAVI has finely honed systems for monitoring and evaluation at multiple levels. Multi-year milestones set benchmarks for organizational achievement. An annual Performance Scorecard calculates accomplishments against detailed organizational objectives, which are weighted by priority. A Monitoring and Evaluation system ensures specific activities advance IAVI’s objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Reporting Progress
IAVI reports regularly to its Board of Directors, staff, independent committees and donors. Each year we publish an Annual Progress Report, that details key developments and work underway. IAVI is committed to an enhanced donor engagement strategy that demonstrates increased accountability, transparency and value for money.

IAVI staff publish widely in peer-reviewed journals, with importance assigned to open-access sources to reach the widest audiences. IAVI also is unique in reporting on progress in the broader AIDS vaccine field through our publications IAVI Report and VAX.