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Clinical Trials

IAVI and its partners have conducted dozens of studies to advance the development of safe and effective AIDS vaccines. This database provides information on IAVI-supported clinical trials of preventive HIV vaccine candidates.
Study Name Phase Status Strategies Candidates Countries Volunteers Partners
IAVI S001 I Ongoing Replicating Vector
SeV-G(NP) United Kingdom
64 Show Partners
IAVI A003 I Ongoing Vectored Immunoprophylaxis
rAAV1-PG9DP United Kingdom 24 Show Partners
IAVI N004/ HIV-CORE 004* IAVI Partnership I/II Ongoing Adeno, Pox, DNA electroporation
A Phase I/IIa Clinical Trial of HIV-1 Vaccines pSG2.HIVconsv DNA, MVA.HIVconsv and Ad35-GRIN in Combined Regimens in Healthy HIV-1/2-negative Adults in Nairobi. Kenya 72 Show Partners
IAVI 001 I Completed DNA
DNA.HIVA United Kingdom 18 Show Partners
IAVI P002 I Completed DNA ; Viral Vector - Pox
TBC-M4; ADVAX United Kingdom 32 Show Partners
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