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VaxLit Toolkit

December 15, 2009

The objective of the AIDS Vaccine Literacy (VaxLit) Initiative is to disseminate consistent, comprehensive training and educational materials on AIDS vaccines and clinical trials. VaxLit translates complex technical information into simple language, enabling us to reach audiences who do not have extensive knowledge in the AIDS vaccine field, such as potential trial participants, civil society, medical professionals and media. The VaxLit Toolkit contains a number of resources that can be used for training, mobilization, and advocacy activities.

The Toolkit includes:

• Core Content – “reference manual” containing basic information about AIDS vaccine development and clinical trials in simple language and format
• Training Manual – for use by trainers who wish to conduct participatory training workshops about concepts contained in the Core Content
• PowerPoint slides – presentations outlining information contained in the Core Content; may be useful for presentations, workshops, etc. to deliver basic information to non-technical stakeholders
• CD-ROM – contains all Toolkit materials in electronic form, in a user-friendly, interactive format
• Fact Sheets – A set of three short fact sheets with key information from the Core Content
    • AIDS Vaccine Research: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Myths & Misconceptions
    • AIDS Vaccines in Perspective