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IAVI White Paper Details How Public Sector Can Assure Swift, Global Access to AIDS Vaccines

May 26, 2001

As world leaders gather at the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/AIDS and continue discussions on a Global AIDS/Health Fund, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is calling for an unequivocal firm, advance commitment to make AIDS vaccines available to all who need them without delay and released a white paper detailing a range of other public sector actions to accelerate vaccine development and delivery.

While no vaccine to prevent AIDS has yet been proven effective, experts believe a vaccine is possible within the next decade. Therefore, planning to guarantee global access must start now, while various AIDS vaccines are still being developed and tested, to ensure widespread availability once an effective vaccine is developed.

IAVI is calling for the creation of a vaccine-specific Fund or account in the broader Global Health/AIDS Fund for future vaccine-specific funding—not a diversion of funds meant to help get existing AIDS prevention or treatments to developing countries—to underwrite the purchase of AIDS vaccines and the creation of effective systems to distribute them in developing countries. The call for the creation of the funding mechanism is part of a five-part strategy set forward in the white paper—A New Access Paradigm: Public Sector Actions to Assure Swift, Global Access to AIDS Vaccines.

The IAVI white paper also lays out a plan to increase incentives for research and development, and to address regulatory delays, lack of systems to deliver vaccines and the challenges companies will face in scaling up production.