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IAVI in the News

IAVI experts have been featured in a variety of prominent news outlets around the world. Below you can access a selection of these articles and opinion pieces, arranged by year of publication.

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“There have been a number of articles recently suggesting that we are near the end of the AIDS epidemic, which is pretty bold and pretty risk to say without a preventive HIV vaccine,” says Gwynn Stevens of IAVI about the value and importance of vaccine R&D (, Thomson Reuters Trust,

International Women's Day 2014: Remarks from IAVI President and CEO Margie McGlynn on the transformative potential of an AIDS vaccine for gender equality featured in USAID IMPACTblog, Kaiser Family Foundation newsletter and The Huffington Post Germany / the German ONE Campaign blog (English translation available here).

IAVI's partnership with Theraclone Sciences represents one of several consortia pushing AIDS vaccine development forward (

IAVI Chief Scientific Officer Wayne Koff, IAVI Scientific Advisory Committee Chair Robin Weiss and IAVI Country Director Rajat Goyal discuss the status of AIDS vaccine R&D, including important work being conducted in India (, BioSpectrum India).

IAVI’s Jill Gilmour discusses promising approaches to fighting HIV, including Dennis Burton’s retrovaccinology work at the Neutralizing Antibody Consortium, among other milestones (

“[I]n the next five years we’re going to see the first [HIV] vaccines coming into clinical testing that might induce neutralizing antibodies, and that’s going to be incredibly exciting,” notes IAVI’s Jill Gilmour (

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute, with support from IAVI, developed a new method for designing artificial proteins and applied the technology for a candidate vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (

Former U.N. Secretary-General says there is no room for complacency when it comes to addressing global health issues like AIDS, which IAVI is helping to combat in its quest for a vaccine (

In congratulating Dr. Deborah Birx on her nomination as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, IAVI President and CEO Margie McGlynn observed: “Dr. Birx is a longtime advocate for a robust and comprehensive global response to HIV and AIDS that includes a vaccine" ( 


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