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IAVI CEO Margie McGlynn recognized in the 2012 Poz 100 list honoring AIDS researchers and advocates

December 01, 2012

Poz Magazine has issued its annual POZ 100 list honoring people working to end AIDS, including IAVI CEO Margie McGlynn. The theme of the 2012 list is "Accelerating the End of AIDS." The introduction notes, "as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared last year and President Barack Obama has reaffirmed, we can achieve an AIDS-free generation. The question for world leaders is no longer can we, but will we." The list is divided into "Seekers and Hunters, those scientists who make the groundbreaking discoveries that inch us closer to a cure.... the Defenders, those researchers who explore ways to prevent others from getting HIV... the Soldiers, those advocates, politicians and celebrities on the front lines in the fight to end AIDS."

The "Defenders" section is dedicated to researchers and advocates looking for ways to prevent HIV, while the soliders section honors advocates for HIV prevention.  Read write-ups about these and others online at

Below is the list of those working on prevention who are mentioned by POZ:

Judy Auerbach for her work on PrEP attitudes among U.S. women. 

Jared Baeten and Connie Celum for the Partners PrEP study

Deborah Birx for the Global AIDS Program at CDC

Susan Buchbinder for her work on PrEP and testimony at the FDA hearing

Dennis Burton for the search for BNabs

Myron Cohen for HPTN052

Barton Haynes for work on RV144 vaccine analysis

Albert Liu for working on a PrEP demo project
Margaret McGlynn for IAVI's work on vaccines

Nelly Mugo for work on PrEP and microbicides

Zeda Rosenberg for IPM's work on microbicides
Mitchell Warren for being smart about the broad range of px advocacy 

Gus Cairns for many things, including being a px thought leader

David Evans for cure and px info and advocacy

Anthony Fauci for saying at AIDS 2012 that we can end the pandemic 

Richard Jefferys  for in-depth scientific info on his blog 

Barbara Lee for HIV legislation

Kali Lindsey for advocacy at NMAC

Jim Pickett for rectal microbicide advocacy

 Paul Semugoma for gay rights and HIV px info in Uganda

Other researchers working on px who are honored, include:

John Mellors  

James Mullins  

Javier Martinez-Picado  

Anna Laura Ross  

Douglas Nixon  

Bruce Walker