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AIDS Vaccine 2012 Presentations

September 9-12, 2012
Boston, MA

The AIDS Vaccine conference is the largest and most diverse international meeting of researchers, advocates, clinicians, private sector partners and public health experts working collaboratively to advance HIV vaccine science. The following is a list of presentations IAVI and its partners delivered at AIDS Vaccine 2012.

Satellite Session

Title: HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trials: What does it take?
Host Institutions: Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, AVAC, Fenway Health, Harvard Center for AIDS Research, HIV Vaccine Trials Network, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, US Military HIV Research Program, NIAID, Ragon Institute and USAID
Session Chair: Margaret McCluskey, USAID
Details: This session provided a general overview of the latest advances in the field and necessary steps to move a vaccine concept into a trial and onward toward licensure. The session featured two case studies looking at what comes after an efficacy signal, the many issues along the difficult road to licensure (the RV144 trial) as well as the steps and considerations to plan and execute a phase IIb trials, using HVTN 505 as an example.

Plenary Session 02

A New Look at the Transmission Event
Plenary Chairs: Margaret McGlynn and Bruce Walker       

Poster Discussions by IAVI and Partners

Title: Uptake and tolerability of repeated mucosal specimen collection in two Phase 1 AIDS preventive vaccine trials in Kenya
Authors: J. Mukamuyango , E. Karita, R. Bayingana, J. Nyombayire, R. Ingabire, S. Claudia, P. Fast , M. Price, A. Tichacek, S. Allen

Poster Presentations by IAVI and Partners

Title:  Development of chimeric HIV Env immunogens for mucosal delivery with attenuated canine distemper virus (CDV) vaccine vectors
Authors: X. Zhang, S. Richlak, H.T. Nguyen, O. Wallace, G. Morrow, M. Caulfield, C. Parks

Title: Evaluation of a Replication-Competent VSV-SIV Vaccine Candidate
Authors: C. Jurgens, G. Morrow, C. Boggiano, M. Panis, J. Coleman, R. Powell, M. Yuan, M. Kemelman, N. Tamot, M. Lopez, A. Ouattara, S. Iyer, M. Backer, K. Wright, A. Domi, M. Chiuchiolo, C.R. King, M. Caulfield, C.L. Parks

Title: Alcohol and illicit drug use among potential HIV vaccine efficacy trial volunteers along Lake Victoria, Uganda
Authors: I. Ssekandi, A. Ssetaala, J. Mpendo, A. Nanvubya, L. Nielsen, N. Kiwanuka

Title: Willingness to participate in HIV vaccine trials in a potential efficacy trial population of fishing communities, Uganda
Authors: A. Nanvubya,  J. Mpendo, A. Ssetaala, W. Kidega, S. Sigirenda, L. Nielsen, N. Kiwanuka

Title: Are fishing communities another most-at-risk-population? Results of a community based study along Lake Victoria, Uganda.
Authors: A. Ssetaala, J. Mpendo, A. Nanvubya, S. Sigirenda, L. Nielsen, N. Kiwanuka

Title: Development of candidate HIV vaccines using VSV vectors to express membrane-anchored MPER immunogen
Authors: M. Yuan, A. Wilson, M. Kemelman, M. Panis, I. Lorenz, C. Jurgens, M.J. Chiuchiolo, C.R. King, M. Caulfield, C.L. Parks

Title: Optimizing expression of functional HIV Envelopes in rVSV-ΔG vaccine vectors
Authors: K. Wright, M. Yuan, A. Wilson, C. Boggiano, J.Coleman, M. Kemelman, P. Tiberio, S. Phogat, I. Lorenz, S. Hoffenberg, C. Jurgens, C.R. King, M. Caulfield, C.L. Parks

Title: Viral vector delivery of Env trimer immunogens
Authors: C.L. Parks, S. Rabinovich, P.J. Tiberio, K.J. Wright, M. Yuan, M. G. Delboy, M. Kemelman, A.J. Wilson, R. Powell, S. Hoffenberg, M.J. Chiuchiolo, C. Boggiano, G. Morrow, C.K. Jurgens, X. Zhang, R.W. Lindsay, W.C. Koff, C.R. King, and M.J. Caulfield

Title: Inverse dose-response to gp140 YU2 foldon trimer formulated with aluminum phosphate and ISCOMATRIX® adjuvants
Authors: A. Wilson

Title: Tolerability and Acceptability of Electroporation at first vaccination time point during a phase I HIV Vaccine Trial at two sites in Uganda and Rwanda
Authors: J.Mpendo, R. Bayingana, A. Nanvubya, E. Karita, A. Ssetaala, N. Kiwanuka, J. Lehrman, C. Schmidt, D. Hannaman, S. Allen, P. Fast

Title: Developing standards of care for HIV prevention research in Africa – A case study of ten research centers in Eastern and Southern Africa
Authors: P. Bahati, B. Bender, F. Priddy, H. Park, J. Becker, P. Fast,  O. Anza la, G. Mutua, E. Ruzagira, A. Kamali  E. Karita,  P. Mugo,  E.Chomba,  L.G. Bekker, S. Roux,  A. Nanvubya, T. Mebrahtu

Title: Training trial staff in the use of a mixed method Assessment of Understanding tool in HIV vaccine trials.
Authors: J. Mbogua, T. Mebrahtu, G. Lindegger, S. Welsh, O. Anzala, G. Mutua, J. Mpendo, E. Karita, S. Singh

Electroporation (EP) technical errors experienced during the enrolment period of an HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial at two sites in Rwanda and Uganda: Lessons learned
Authors: R. Bayingana, A. Nanvubya, E. Karita, J. Nyombayire, R. Ingabire, J. Mpendo, J. Lehrman, C. Schmidt, D. Laufer, K. Chinyenze, D. Hannaman, S. Allen, P. Fast

Title: HIV Disease Progression compared by Linkage status in Rwanda and Zambia
Authors: W. Kilembe, C. Dinh, S. Lakhi, E. Karita, R. Bayingana, M. Price, S. Allen, E. Hunter

Title: Priming with DNA Encoding Functional Trimers and Boosting with Soluble Trimeric Protein Elicited Tier 2 Neutralizing Antibodies in Non-human Primates
Authors: B.K. Chakrabarti, Y. Feng, K. McKee, C. Labranche, D. Montefiori, J.R. Mascola R.T. Wyatt

Oral Presentations by IAVI and Partners

Title: Identification of a clade A HIV envelope immunogen from Protocol G that elicits neutralizing antibodies to Tier 2 viruses
Authors: S. Hoffenberg, S.K. Pond, A. Carpov, D. Wagner, A. Wilson

Title: A Mixed-methods Assessment of Understanding (AoU) tool for AIDS vaccine trials in sub-Saharan Africa: Results from a Pilot study
Authors: G. Lindegger, M. Quayle, S. Singh, S. Welsh, D. Mark, M. Wallace, L.G. Bekker, S. Roux, L. Mwananyanda, W. Kilembe, F. Priddy, P. Fast

Title: Vaccine Responses to Conserved Regions of the HIV-1 Proteome are Associated with an Increased Capacity to Inhibit Multiple Virus Isolates Ex Vivo
Authors: A. Ashraf, J. Kopycinski, H. Cheeseman, F. Lala, J. Czyzewska-Khan, A. Spentzou, D.K. Gill, M. Keefer, J.L. Excler, P. Fast, P. Hayes, J. Cox and J. Gilmour

Title: An assessment of Good Participatory Practice Guidelines at HIV prevention research clinical centers in Eastern and Southern Africa – perceptions, effective practices, and areas of improvements.
Authors: P. Bahati, S. Hannah, J. Mbogua, M. Seyoum, M. Warren, E. Bass, P. Frances

Title: New Tools to Measure Community and Stakeholder Engagement and its Impact on Outcomes of Clinical Research
Author: P. Bahati

Partner Presentations

Title: A Short Segment in the HIV-1 gp120 V1/V2 Region Is a Major Determinant of Neutralization Resistance to PG9-Like Antibodies
Authors: N.A. Doria-Rose, I. Georgiev, R.P. Staupe, S. O’Dell, G.Y. Chuang, J. Gorman, J.S. McLellan, M. Pancera, M. Bonsignori, B.F. Haynes, D. R. Burton, W.C. Koff, P.D. Kwong, J.R. Mascola

Title: Vector induced skewing of antibody Fc-effector functions
Authors: A.W. Chung, A.S. Dugast, H. Robinson, Y. Chan, M.E. Ackerman, J. Cox, W.e Koff, D. Barouch, N. Michael, J. Kim, and G. Alter

Title: Development of Adenovirus Serotype 4 Replicating Vector Vaccine  Expressing HIV-1 Env gp160 1086.C
Authors: B. Guenther, C.LaBranche, D. Montefiori, H.X. Liao, B. Haynes, M. Gurwith, J. Smith, T. Mayall