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  • Africa's Role
    in the Search for
    an AIDS Vaccine

    Read about Protocols C and G,
    landmark observational studies
    conducted by IAVI and partners
    in East Africa, funded by USAID.

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  • AIDS Vaccine

    Recent discoveries have given
    researchers new clues and new
    optimism in the quest for safe
    and effective AIDS vaccines.

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  • The Potential of
    an AIDS Vaccine

    As researchers make significant
    progress toward the development of
    an AIDS vaccine, new modeling data
    highlights its potentially striking impact.

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  • IAVI's Integrated

    IAVI partners with more than
    50 academic, biotechnology,
    pharmaceutical and governmental
    institutions to develop AIDS
    vaccines, and to advocate for
    the HIV-prevention field.

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  • Antibody Discoveries
    Propel AIDS Vaccine
    Design Efforts

    Scientists working in global partnership have isolated
    more than 20 broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV in recent
    years, providing new targets for vaccinologists.

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  • Working to Ensure
    Future Access

    IAVI is working with partners to
    ensure that once a preventive
    AIDS vaccine is developed,
    it will be available to those
    who need it most.

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Report 2014

Annual Report 2014: Click here to read about the milestones achieved by IAVI and our many partners on the road to an AIDS vaccine.


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The Journal of AIDS Vaccine Research

HIV's Persistence

Progress, inspiration, and hope: six female scientists dedicated to ending AIDS; Steve Deeks navigates Keystone; a trio of research papers showcase progress in bNAb-inducing immunogens.


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